Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm like so busy these days, with my jobs of course.


I hate this kind of life.

Everything sucks to the core.

My new boss really sucks lor, she's the pain in my ass.

Yesterday was only my 3rd day at work, she actually called me up in the middle of work, just to give me an earful of scolding, she scold peopl like car racing like that. Never pause or rest to let people explain or what-so-ever.

She say I stand too far away from the customers, like hello!! You want me to run over and hug them is it?

Say I always stand around blur blur like that.

How does she knows?

From the camera she installed in the shop.

What happen is that I was standing in front of the shop asking people to come in and have a look.

Like have you seen any sale assistant as hard working as me?

I think it's time for me to look for a new job again.

Forget all that, let's talk about some happier things now.

My friend is getting married next week, the news comes abit of a sudden for me, as just last month she was claiming to be settling down only after 30+ like that. Now she's only 20.

What's even better, she also going to a mother too.

I went with her the usual ultrscanning, we could actually saw just abit of the baby.

Although I'm not the mum, some how I felt the warmth and happiness of carrying a new life, a new life that's created with someone you love dearly.

There's nothing on earth can be compared with that kind of happiness.

I too, would like take a sip of that happiness, but not now.

Not till I'm finacially ready, and physically.

So don't worry people.

You won't be recieving my red card in any time soon.

Anyways, I wanna look hot even when I'm pregnant. =)

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