Thursday, November 13, 2008


I was followed by the same molester twice.

A few weeks ago, when I was walking home from the MRT station.
I caught a glimpse of this guy, suddenly I felt uneasy.
I thought to myself, maybe because he is not handsome.
Instinctual reaction, I turn to look around me if it was safe to walk alone.
And i saw alot of people coming towards our direction so I thought it was perfectly fine.

After walking happily for awhile, I started to realise, I was totally alone, and someone is behind me.

Automatically, I turned off my music, my heart was throbbing so fast that I thought I could tear through my chest.
I was a few steps from home so darted forwards, lucky I didn't take the lift that fellow followed me all the way to my house.
While I was rushing up the stairs, he crossed my path and touched my butt.

I was totally dumb struck!
Then he ran all the way up to some where in the middle of 4th and 5th level waited there, I opened my house door, his eyes almost popped from their sockets.
He's stupid or what, or maybe it was me, anyway he ran away after that.

I'm so regretted that I didn't give him a good kick in his balls, spit at him, curse his whole family, then snap a picture of him, then post everywhere on the Internet, or just send it to xiaxue.

After the incident, baby came fetch me from the bus stop everyday, love you to bits.

It was a long while, nothing bad ever happened again, so we let down our guard.

I was walking home from the MRT sttation again.
Then my eyes caught him standing at the exact same corner again.
Every single cells in my brain screamed to me "IT"S HIM".
I started to have a panic attack.

Grabbed my fone and dialed my knight's number.
He came running, not in his shiny armor, in black shirt and jeans actually.
The molester made it so obvious that he was following me.
I crossed the traffic lights thrice, he followed suit.
Everything that he does spells stupid to me.

We ended up stalking him, lets him have a taste of his own medicines.
It was fun, and nerves wrecking at the same time.

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