Thursday, January 08, 2009

Met up with Huimin, went to Singapore Poly and Ngee Ann Poly together.

Singapore Poly was kinda boring, the campus is so small and old.

Whereas Ngee Ann Poly really impressed me.

The campus was HUGE, with 5 canteens. 0.O

The ambassadors were very energetic and friendly, they showed us around the campus in shuttle bus, that sounds alone already kinda ridiculous.

Whatever you say, I still prefer Ngee Ann.

Next week will going to Lasselle.(don't know how to spell)

Then headed to town, Huimin treat me to Seoul Garden!!

Thanks babe.

I think I'll have a lonh wish list for this year birthday.

Most of them will be coming from Sephora, it's at Takashimaya. =)

Came across the "Hooking Up With Tila Tequila", it's definitely on my wish list.

Although, she appear to be quite a slut, she inspired me alot on being just yourself.

Her writing was kinda hilarious.

Seriously, the world would be a much easier place to live in if you can just tune out what people say about you, and follow your heart.

This is taken from Stephenie Meyer's book: "If I'm going to hell, I may as well enjoy the journey."

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