Thursday, February 26, 2009

A quick post before I hit the sack, and escape to la la land.

Had been going for training at the new butter factory, love the lay out there, especially the wallpaper.

Got lots of cute cartoon drawings.

1st day of training was god damn boring, talks and talks, and more talks, most of them are common sense.

2nd day, which is yesterday, was much better, got to know more people, the talk was more fun too.

They taught us how to recognise different glass, and its name.

And also shared some jokes too.

Hate the fact that I'm always the only pink one around, most of them dressed in black.

And mostly are malays, and I'm the only girly chinese around, that kinda sucks.

Not that I've a problem with the rest of the people, just that if there were somebody who is more or less like me would be better.

Jodi and Yunnie, come butter factory join me lei, so I won't be so lonely and left out.

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