Friday, May 01, 2009

Met up with my one only meimei.

She is going back to Denmark again.

Last time I left her for England, now is her turn. Karma is a bitch.

This is seriously the best picture of the lot, although I look hilarious.

This is like Dec 2006, I didn't change much huh?

tiff, me,wanhao

Tiffany, me and wanhao. She kept insist that I stand in the middle, and that bastard wanhao kept calling her lao po, and people kept staring at me!!

I'm eating and she still snapping away, HAPPILY.

We were in the toilet for half an hour snapping away. After Wanhao just can't stop nagging. Haha.

Wanhao is kinda handsome, except he's sooooooooo zilian.

Took this today. My hair needs a make over, my skin need some facial care, roar, I'm in a terrible state.

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