Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yesterday went to watch where ghost by Jack Neo with Huimin. The show was quite dry, there were funny and scary parts, but overall, it's a boring movie, especially the first story. With the good records that Jack Neo had for the previous few movies that he made, this one is quite a dissappointment.

Anyways, after that we went to little india Mustafa centre. Before we were at woodlands, we had to rot for like 5 hours before we watch the moive. We walked around Causeway Points for several rounds, I totally lost count. We wanted to get pedicures, but it was too expensive, so we just wandered around aimlessly. Stopped by at the arcade to watch some hardcore auntys and uncle playing the candy catching machine. They are like so pro can. All went home with big bags of candy and the big price. Was very tempted to play but I thought it was kinda waste of money. At Mustafa centre I found many good bargains, especially on beauty products, there were other things too, but beauty products were my main focus. Definately gonna make another trip there soon.
I bought two things, one is Veet shaving cream and some self tan lotion. So far I love Veet shaving cream the best. It gaves me smooth and hairless skin within minutes, about 3-5 minutes. Painless and effortless. It uses a bladeless shaving tool, which ensure no cuts and no thicken hair when grow out. Did a little of research on it, it contains mild acid, so you can't leave it on for too long, other wise it is perfectly fine.
For the self tan lotion I need to wait for about a week to see the results. For instant, it smells lovely and quite mosturising too.

Baby came back at about 10plus last night, poor baby, he looks so worn out. He fell asleep the monent he hits the pillow, so we didn't really talk much, that's abit saddening. So I decided to cancel all other progams the following days, and spent quality time at home with him. It was pretty fruitful. He's busy packing right now, I don't wanna disturb him so I take time off to do some blogging and other stuff. Alot of people tell me it is hard to maintain a relationship with a NS man, but I fine it pretty cool though. The missing him part is pretty tough but it's endurable. Maybe it's because we're staying together, so I get to stay with him no matter what. I think in a relationship, the most important thing is being understanding, and give and take. If you always insist it your ways, it gonna be hard for the other party. And you gotta cool off your temper too, nobody likes to be screamed at. :D

Wow, this is a pretty long entry. Tata... Till next time.

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