Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Met up with huimin. Supposed to be working, but boss busy office never open.
The day didn't start well, on the train to bugis to meet Huimin, this ah ma keep peeping at my fone, that annoy me big time. Then got this primary school kid sit opposite me, he keep dropping his stack of pokemon cards, like is he retarded or what? Hold a stack of cards also can't hold properly. Next come a couple, the guy was trying so hard to impress the girl or something, he kept boosting about his fights in school. If I were the girl I won't be interested lor, don't like violence people, hate wars and fights. Fists can't solve problems.(they don't even have a brain for crying out loud).
After meeting her things got better. Due to over girly, emotion and silly chat, totally feel better and baby say he misses me out of the blue. Surrounded by people I love never fail to put a smile on my face.
Then when we about to head home, we went to giant for no particular reason. There and then, a horrible accident happened. Huimin suddenly stop, I smashed into her, and her shoes totally ripped off my TOE NAIL!!! It was bleeding and hurting like nobody business. Ok lets the pitures do the talking for now.

enjoying my cappuchino like kids enjoying christmas presents.

then came the horrific accident. My blood actually drip all over the cold storage floor.

It's like 1/4 of nail is gone.

At least huimin still got the heart to give me this cute tweetie bird plaster.

I'm gonna have to live on acrylic nails for the rest of my life.

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