Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Why did you let your mother down again?" I fucking hate this sentence.. Have I not done enough to prove to her that I do care and want the best for her?
1st I quit school to be with her. Ppl say to me: you are still young, still got time to study, don't worry, but you only got 1 mother. If you don't be with her now, you may regret it later.
So I gave up my future here, my dreams, my life. Honestly speaking, those that I gave up, no matter how hard I try now, I just can't find it back. And those were the best things I ever had.
Those who dunno thinks that I'm those play girl who only knows fun, that's why I quit school. Fuck that!!
Now that she comes back here, I quit my job to help her out, I'm being said to be living off my mother, so useless, what the fuck is this?
Have I not done enough??
I'm not gonna care whether my mum is happy or sad. From this moment on, I live for myself. I'm the daughter she gave birth to, take it or leave it.

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