Monday, June 09, 2008

It's our 2 1/2 years anniversary.
And we're still happily counting.
Our 1st stop for the day was science centre.
Watched "The Great Cannon Adventure: river at risk".
It was quite meaningful.
The world are paying more attention to shortage of oil, shortage of this, shortage of that.
Not many people paying attention to water anymore.
Through the video, I could see how much harm had we, human beings, done to mother earth.
I start to wonder, what's gonna happen ten to twenty years down the road.
What will happen to our next genderation.
We are already entering the re-paying period, for all the things we created and destroyed.
Is this what the bible mean by the Judgement day?
If yes, I think it's pretty near, at this rate.
So before that day comes, I'll do all I can to save the earth, while partying to celebrate my life.

2 yrs 6 mths and still counting
wached kungfu panda.
My dream house, =D

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