Sunday, June 08, 2008

Took MC today, went to see the dentist as my tooth hurt me like nothing on earth, and it make my face swollen like a pig head.
The dentist looked at my tooth and shake her head.
I got totally freaked out, I thought she would pluck out my tooth or something.
End up, I did an X-RAY, I was praying that my wisdom tooth is growing properly, or I've to take it out.
That is my worst fear!!!!!
It shows that one of my wisdom teeth is having difficulties growing out, but the dentist it should be fine if I give it extra care.
Then met up with my baby bitch, Huimin.
Head down to vivo.
We pampered ourselves till we are like damn broke.
Treated ourselves to a good meal, at Sakea Sushi.
Then randomly tried out the fish spa.
It was scary at first, afterwards it turned out to be pretty fun.

At first it was damn ticklist, and scary, look at the amount of fish attacking my feet.
That's the hand of the son of the owner, at first we don't dare to put in, he kept pushing us in.
After someitmes we started to play with the fish.
We tried doing hands as well, but can't take pictures, DUE TO WET HANDS.
It was a truely fun and relaxing day for me.
Thanks babe.

Random picture took from Toys'r us.

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