Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First day at work today.

Was quite fun, got along well with my new colleagues, really well in fact.

We were telling each other lame jokes, ghost stroies, playing around.

Basically, we were just simply having fun.

Anyways, met up with noren yesterday, it had been ages since we last shop together.

We spent most of our time at Far East Plaza looking for Show Luo's store.

We found it, but it was rather disappointing.

There weren't much design to choose from, ya, so kinda wasted our time.

Head down to ViVo later, bought some stuff for my boy and boy as well.

Can't reveal the secrets now, it supposed to be surprises.

I've one day left to finish up my surprise, OH MY GOD.

By the way, baby, I miss you like crazy, faster come back to my side.

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