Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wonder why would you feel unwanted and disposable, when I always shower you with love, care and concern. This make me feel like, whenever I shower wit love care and concern, you will open up an umbrella and block all of those away, maybe just allow a few drops to sprinkle on you. It's like all of my efforts hab been wasted, like you hab ignored all the things that I hab done for you. I guess it doesn't mean much cause it's coming from me, not...
Did you know how many nights I had cried myself to sleep thinking how disposable I'm to you? I feel like I'm watching a really nice horror movie, knowing there is a big bad thing gonna happen, just not knowing when it'll take place or how. But because it's so good, I'm willing sit through it, even though I knew the ending.
I keep wishing and praying every single day that "the ending" part will be different. Even though whenever I whisper those wishes to the stars, those prayers to god, my inner voice keep telling me "it'll never happen."
Just hope you know that I'll always hold you dearly to my heart, whether my heart is whole or broken. I'm not pushing you away, just don't wanna let you see me break down. Don't wanna show you my tears, just my smile.

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