Monday, April 02, 2007

Have not blogging for so long liao. Haiz. I'm leaving for England in like 3 days time. Saddening rite? I'll miss all the people I've met here in Singapore, whether I like them or not. There are so many memories here, I'm so used to living here that I wonder how am I gonna start a new life in England. I'll miss my baby boy so much. So used to be able to reach him so easily, abt an hr of bus ride, and he'll there for me, but England is so far. Not onli need time management, financial is also a problem. Then all my friends, we had shared so much together. So much fun, so many secrets, memories and trusts. I've to build all this all over again. This place is like my home already. Oh my god! Tears are like rolling down my cheeks mow la. People, please don't forget me. Give me some times, I'll come back de. I really can't let go of it all, times fly too fast. I wish time will fly even faster when i'm in England, so that I can faster come back here with all my friends and my love. My baby, my beloved Pui Pui, I'm so gonna be lonely without you. Must wait for me ok? Cause I really love you alot, we went through so much together, lets work hard to mantain this relationship that we had built, don't just let everything into the hands of fate. My dear friends, we have built up so much trusts and memories together. Lets keep this relationship alive. I'm never too far away, just a click or a fone call. I'm always ready to share with you all your trouble or burdens. All of you are my friends, forever, just stay in touch.

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