Sunday, April 01, 2007

Haha. Went for a sleep over at Noren's house. It was a last min decision de. Cause i was too bored le. This morning had breakfast at her house, i fried the eggs and she cook the hotdogs. Then i made some really tasty biscuit for her. It's so yummy, it's my favourite lor. Actually, i've learnt it from Huimin. After that, i was like rushing home la, cause i've to meet up with joleen, kaiwen, wanjun and nore(again!) at 1pm. I left noren's house at like 11am+, still have not bathe, no make-ups, totally not ready to go out. You may think that i'm vain, but after i had screwd up my hair, make up is just to make me look better and feel better. After i'm done with everything, IT"S 1pm LIAO. I took a cab down to marina square la. End up they were even later than me. WASTED MY MONEY. Actually we planned to go play bowling de lor. Have to wait. Sian. So we went to kbox instead. I'm such a freak, so in love jolin tsai, i've choose all her songs to sing, sorry that i've bored you all out. Then the rest took turns to choose songs and sing too. We sang the song lian ai ing by mayday together, damn high la. Haha. We were literally freezing in the room la. The service is so no good, ask them to just turn off our room de aircon also say cannot. Want all your customers to freeze to death is it? Later you all close down then know. Cherie came to join us later. Then we say good bye to kaiwen, nore and wanjun. Sobz. Will miss them lots. wish them all the best in life. Friends forever. So left with joleen, cherie and me. We initially decided to go to orchard and have some tea together, end we din't, i forgotten why we didn't. We met up with my Pui Pui and Junjie. Went for buffet at sakura. The food is lovely, the price is incredibly affordable. $28 per person. They have almost everything can. Their cakes are lovely, so cute that you won bear to eat them at all. Joleen and Cherie ate so much of those mini cakes.

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