Friday, April 27, 2007

This is like the 21st day I'm in England. Sorry for taking so long to blog about my new environment. The services here is like bloody slow, I had to wait for like a week or so to get my internet cable modem. Then, I was so busy with my driving lessons. There are so many things to tell you guys lor.
1st: Lets talk about my new house, it's small and cute. Everyone said it looks more like a hotel than a flat lor. Loves it. Everything in here is small and cute too. Will be uploading the pictures of the furnitures in the house soon. They are really cute, I love them like the very 1st moment I stepped into this house. However, staying alone is really scary and lonely (DUH!!). The neighbourhood here is very peaceful and quiet. Too quiet I should say, so quiet that it gets really creepy at night. I dare not to even listen to music loudly, as I afraid that I may disturbs my dear neighbours. Suffering.
2nd: The food. There is no food courts here, and restaurants close at about 9pm. And if you want to eat something that tastes more like human's food, you have to take a bus to the city central, you can walk la, but I think by the time you reached there, you'll too tired to eat lor. It's not that far, when you walk on the road, you'll feel like you are walking up and down the hill lor. Feel like you have to climb mountain to get your food, so may as well take bus man. That is also why I want to learn driving and get my own car. Singapore is small, you take bus to where is also near de lor, but here so big, can take bus till you feel sick lor. And if you anyhow take bus, you may have to walk till late at night then can reach lor. Taxi? As i had said, this place is freaking big, take awhile only 10pounds, what on earth. Oh my god, why did I end up talking about transport liao, back to food ok? The food here, if you don't know the right restaurant to go to, you may end up with a really bad dinner. I've experinced that. There are days that my mum is too busy to cook, I've to dine out on my own, at 1st i wanted to try something new, other than those that my mum always bring me to. GOD! The food taste like rubbers, or no taste at all. The western food is quite alright (DUH!!), the chinese food are like ways beyond hope. That's enough about food.
I've not made any friends yet, so I'm like so bored here. Although i'm busy, I find no funs at all. My mum do bring me out around. Adults have got different ideas of fun, she likes shopping like I do, but she has different taste, bored. Her friends are grown ups, they don't go to the arcade, bored. I'm like suffering can? I want back my life, I've never wished that school will start early as much as now. Oh ya! It's summer here right now, yet it feels like you are in the air-con, loves it. Hope I'll adapt to this place as soon as possible. I miss you all, peace and dancers, and of course my baby boy. Some of you maybe saying, then come back la. I can't turn back now, there's no U-turn in life. It's considered I've quit school in singapore, if I return now, I'll be in the middle of nowhere. All I have is primary school cert, who's going to feed me? My mum? She can live forever meh?(I wish she could) My husband? Too far to think of it, unless I can get married with Bill Gate la. Or all of a sudden, I became Paris Hilton blood-related-sisiter.(Possible?) Arrhh! Now I understand what it means by life is difficult. Pui Pui, faster come over here and pei me lei. I feel more safe with you near me. PLEASE!!

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