Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finally found a house in London.
Not like there are no house in london, but they are too small.
Okay, you may say that I'm picky.
I've got so many stuff. How do expect me to settle for a small tiny winy little house?
Anyway, lets talk about my new house.
It's a small one still, but lightly bigger than the others that I've seen.
It has two rooms, one living and one bed room, kitchen and storage, toilets (DUH!!).
I've decided to turn the living room into another bed room.
In case, my friends or whoever comes nd stay for the night or two.
The sad thing about this house is that, it has no bath tub.
You may think that it's ok, but not for me!
Fine, I'm damn princessy. What to do!? I like to bath, not shower.
There's a very clear different ok!
The best thing about this house is that, he landlord is very friendly and easy going.
He allowed me to keep a pet, anything, so long that they are small.
He also agrees to help us to install internet. Other landlords often ask me to get it done on our own. See how kind he is?
The area s pretty quiet too, but it's very near to town centre, where there are shops and market. Very very convinient( I don't know how to spell, pardon my poor english)
And it is very cheap for its kind.
In total, I love the house.
Oh my god! I can sing " I'm lovin' it" everyday la.
Can I be Macdonalds spoke person please?
Just kidding.
That's all for today.

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