Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Had a wonderful dream last night.
Guess what I dreamt of?

In my dream, I saw myself still in singapore. Those good old days.
It was just a particular weekend.
I woke up in the morning, calling girls, Joleen, Cherie, Huimin and Yilin. Just my good friends.
Then get ready to meet them up for a girls day out.
We went to play pool at first, I used to meet cherie everyday and play pool with her. I seriously love playing pool, although I'm not very good
at it.
Then we went shopping, I like shopping with Huimin, cause we have almost the same taste. We'll try on some clothings or accessories, admiring them, but hardly buy anything, NO MONEY.
After that, we went to Sakura. This is a memorial place for Joleen, Cherie and me. Guess what we were eating?
We ate GUI LING GAO!! Damn, I hate it, but BiBi and his friends were eat it like crazy, they were literally competing against each other, they may get GUI LING GAO's OVERDOSE? Hahaha...

Then I woke up, thinking those weren't dream, I actually thought I was still in singapore, I took up my handphone and was searching for cherie's number, intending to call her up.
I may sound like a total bimbo, but I can't help it, I'm missing them so badly. Nobody can understand that as much as I do.
After washing up, I chatted online with BiBi. We were diccussing about me getting a tattoo.
At first I thought he would totally blow up, and say he won't want me anymore.
However, it turns out to be better than I thought, we kinda negociate for awhile.
He said a small tattoo in a hidden place, lie on my lower back
, would be ok, I was so surprised and happy that he agreed.
I assume that it was out of love, because he used to say if I get a tattoo, he will break up with me. I know how much he hates tattoos, but I love getting a tattoo that much too. Sorry, BiBi.
I promise you, if we ever gonna get married, I everyting also will listen to you. You really make my day by agree for me to put a tattoo.

Some of you maybe wondering why am I so under his finger, everything also ask for his opinion first.
The reason is pretty simple, I love him. So I care for his feelings, I don't try
to force him to accept something he can't.
So I take some time, adn explain it to him. He has his reasons for not accepting it, and I have my reasons for doing it.
If each of us just a step back, and give in a little for each other's sake, nothing is impossible.
And I guess this is what people call respect. I think it should be applied in all kind of relationship.

Last but not least, I love you, my BiBi. Thanks for everything, thanks for giving in to me
so much.
I guess I can't find anyone sweeter than you. Muuacks.
I wanna be with you forever, because I believe we'll be able to get through everything together.
And congrats to you that your exams are over. Just another question for you, SO WHEN ARE YOU COMING?

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