Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Hahas. Freak the hell out of you right?

I'm not pregnant, hell no!!!

I'm just getting a new puppy.

Mummy had promised me that I can keep a puppy.

Provided I can take care of him/her all on my own.

I've been so excited, I'm so excited that I couldn't sleep. Yeah, I'm crazy. Who cares.

Which breed should i get?

I love big dogs. Small ones are cute. Bigger ones are smarter.

I'm considering getting a yorkshire terriers. Or should I get a poodle?

Poodles are train more easily than yorkshire terriers. However, poodles are more expensive.

And I'll get a dog from a shelter(spca). Not because I wanna save cost or what-so-ever.

I'm just thinking that those was given to shelters are so pitiful. They desever a second chance to taste what love is like. I wanna give them love. Well, I'll love them as much as a new puppy.

I feel like getting a female one, as you know, males had that extra something, it abit obstruct me when pet them. However, female ones have that curtain time of the month, it can get quite messy.

So much to consider. But one thing for sure, I'll love her like my own child. I'll give her all the best.

So any suggestions please?

yorkshire terriers ty poodles

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