Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I think my tagboard is being spam..?
Spammed? Spamed? Or spamded?
Whatever! This is making my hair blonde.
Huimin, you lame forever.
Omg! Poor girl!
Those good old times...
I sound old la...
What's wrong with me?
*slap slap slap slap*(left right motion)
Dear zu EH!!
I can't fedex you the DVD.
So I'll upload it here for you to watch.
By the way, you are not 18, so I can't show you.
And don't splash me cold water!!
Let me live in my fantasy.
My kit name sumi.
And she is being a pain in the ass these days.
Keep bitting on stuff.
Feel like pull off all her teeth.
Of course, I'm just kidding.
That was funny isn't it?
I really wish to see huimin and zu EH! catfight.
That's about all I want for Xmas.

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