Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm feeling really really disappointed.
What am I so disappointed about?
Everything!!! Yes, everything!

I hope you are reading this.
I don't want to mention your name,
Neither do I want to call you names.
Why so nice to you?
I'm not pretending to nice, or what-so-ever.
Because you once were considered my best friend.
The first best friend I made since I'm here.

I used to think you are some kind of girl I can look up to.


Maybe I thought too highly of you.
I should rather say, I feel pity for you.
However, everything turn to be....


You always tell me, everyone around you are just pretending to be nice, actually they are evil.
They are treating you nicely, just to await for your careless moment, just one tiny winy little carelessness.
They would make a big fuss about it.
Make the problem becomes so serious that it would ruin your whole life.
It turns out that you are the one who is ruining your own life.
Pathetic right?
And you still don't come to your senses.
I don't wanna go into your personal life here.
And now you are saying that I snatched away your bestie?
Come on girl!
You need slap you to your senses?
Before my appearance, there were alot going on between you two already.
Even if there weren't, don't you think you should look at how you treat your friend?
Or else why is it so easy for me to snatch her from you.
That doesn't mean I DID snatch her from you, alright?
Why don't I say it face to face with you?
I'm not that kind of pathetic girls who dare not to voice out her view, just hiding behind the screen and talks about people's shortcomings.
I just don't wanna waste my saliva and energy talking to you.
Because you won't listen!
I'm actually wasting my energy and time here writing all this to you.
I don't even know if you will read it, or will you understand what I trying to say.
But I had to let it out.
Before it burst out, I may die from it la.
There are so many things I have not complete la.
I have not even lay my hands on the iphone yet.
And obviously you don't deserve such an honour.
I'm hating this place more than ever.
Everything is so screwed here.
Screwed up people, screwed up transport,...etc
I can't wait to get out of here.

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