Saturday, August 30, 2008

Huimin looks like an OL, I look like some kid trying to act mature.
Town with Huimin.
Went to Wisma to have a look at the Cleo Cover Girl search. (Out of curiosity)
Then walked around Wisma, somehow we ended up the location.
The person in charge some managed to pursuit us into taking up the make-over and the photoshoot.
Honestly, we only joined it out of fun and the freebies.
About others, I'm not too sure.
The freebies was pretty worth the fees that we paid for the make-over, $30.
We got lots of vouchers ( free spa, cosmetic products, nail polish,accessories, discount).
The photo didn't impress me though, the photographer didn't really guide us in which direction will the light hit on us the best, to show our best features.
The make-up didn't quite make it either, it was something that I can make it myself.
Anyway, it was quite a fun experience.
Oh, I love the hair-do the most, it looks really stunning, loves it.

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