Monday, February 26, 2007

Came back from chalet with dear dear and his friends. Damn tired. Didn't sleep well for two nights. I missed my polster, can't sleep without it. At first, there were dear dear and me, so the room was super quiet, the moment his friends came in, it was hell damn noisy. However, it was fun with them though. We were so noisy that our neighbours complaint. Ooops. They all played mahjong. I also wanna play lei but don't know how to play. It looks so interesting can. Can somebody plz teach me how to play mahjong? Well, i guess the highlight of the chalet was the BBQ ba. I damn angry with dear dear la. He kept cooking and cooking, just throw me aside like that, exactly like what happened during my birthday last year. ArrH!! I've to remind him of my existence then he stopped cooking and pay attention to me. What a boyfriend i have, man!! Didn't take any photos cause we were all busy playing, COOKING, or too tired. Sorry people. I wish the chalet lasted longer lor. It was so fun(except the BBQ).

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