Thursday, February 22, 2007

When for dance class today. Since i can't take part in SYF, wati took over my place instead. How i wish i'm able to take part in this year SYF as it's the last time i could ever take part. Ah liang and his high five again. I was slacking in the dance room. Then i got this freaking news that my sec1 dance members are getting professional make-up and hairstylish for their up coming competition. All the teachers are saying that the sec1 is better than the seniors. Since that's the case, then send the sec1 to SYF in our place la. The teachers are not expecting the sec1 to win that bloody competition that they are taking part in, yet they get professionals to do everything for them. As for us, we are expected to win back gold, but we have nothing. We have to do our make up on our own. Ms cheok helps us out in our hair and make-up. Don't mean to offence her, but her make-up skills sucks!! And paul lau was the one who says make-up is not important, yet he gets professional to make-up for the sec1, when we do make-up he complains. Damn bias la. And that ms cheok too. She today keep praising the sec1 as the sweet innocent goodies. Oh purrrrrrlease!!! They will see their true colours soon. This dance club SUCKS. I want mrs gn back.

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