Monday, February 26, 2007

Today is the worst day of my life. School was ok. Things went wrong towards the end of school. I said something really wrong and it screwd my reputation now. This is what happened: in chemistery lesson, i was acting lesbian with huimin to trick Prasad. All of a sudden, huimin say wanna go NTUC buy CONDOM, don't what had gotten into me, suddenly i shouted i want something that vibrates. One guy heard it, or in fact, the whole class heard it. And as if it wasn't bad enough. It rains cats and dogs the moment i got out of school. Huimin and i was all wet. Soaking wet. OUr shoes were filled with water. It's as if we were walking on water. No offence to christian. At least something good was that i passed my manicure "exam". I got my pay. YEAH!!! But only 159.25 bucks. Damn liltte right? Anyway, i treated huimin eat pizza at pizza hut's. Why? Cause i'm kind ma. Joking la(but i'm really kind). It's because she modelled for me. We had a good sisterly talk while enjoying our pizza.

my skirt is all wet

the floor of the taxi we took got a pool of water la..thx to us

this is how heavy the rain was

huimin squeezing her wet socks..i threw away mine....

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