Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Met up with huimin, yilin,kaki and gena at j8 today to decide what kind of hairstyles to do for the sec1 during their dance work competiton. I was late, not my fault ok, is the bloody bus fault wor. It breaks down when it reached ang mo kio. Damn suay la. By the time i reach j8 they already discussed finish. How smart!! So we eat 1st before heading to orchard. We saw the people who acted Guo YaoYao students(i don't know the name of the show). Yilin keep trying to take pictures of them but failed to. Finally we were on our way to orchard, we were public nuisance as usual. 1st we went to popular, where yilin took like yrs to buy one bloody notebook. Then we went to kinokuniya to buy magazines. This is the best part, we found all kind of weird books in that store. After we had enough fun with those books, we headed to Plaza Singapura to find the 'sex' store that yilin was talking about. The store sell really interesting stuff. Check some of it from the pictures below.

shhhh.....keep your thoughts to yourselves
deprived childhood
this old lady is like so 'in'
this picture's angle is lil......

we found this at kinokuniya
this is found at Plaza singapura
this 1 as well
that finger belongs to yilin

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