Monday, March 26, 2007

I love momdays, school start late and end really early on mondays, especially on even weeks. Today huimin and i carried out a really wicked plans. We made some really nasty collon for people. Wahahaha. Almost all of them falled for that trick. I can't beleive people can be so stupid when it comes to food. Don't ever food that people give to you without checking what it contains first. When bought strawberry flavoured collon and wasabi. We went to yoshinoya for our lunch, then we used everything we found there that enable us to create our collon. We actaully get this idea from ross blog. She used this trick on xiaxue, we found it's really fun to play around with so we decided to try it out on our own. We 1st dig the contains of collon out, then filled it with wasabi, then use the collon stuff to cover it back. Our 1st victim was my baby boy, poor thing right? I'm sorry, my baby. The next victim was supposed to be yilin, but she was late. Xinmin showed up, so we gave her a piece of it. Strangely, there was no reaction from her. We doubt on our ingredients. Then comes gladys, shermaine and jialing. They grab a bite of it. Their reactions are really funny. Wahahaha. Yilin was really late, huimin accompanied me, my boy and his bro to the gym, then she walked to school and find yilin on her own. Poor girl. The remaining of us went to the gym for some work out. It had been quite awhile since i last visited the gym, i got tired so easily. I became my baby's trainer. I was quite harsh on him, i find it's fun though. Oh, i met terrance and some other KCPians at that gym too. Had really hard work out. Gonna sleep now. My muscle gonna ache like hell tmr.
trying out the taste of the ingredients
miss amy at work
the crucial ingredient
materials needed
strawberry flavoured
huimin at work

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