Saturday, September 01, 2007

Have been such a long time since I last blogged. The only reason is because my new has no internet connections. I was like rotting away at home. There are so many things I wanna tell you guys, many interesting things, but rather filled with hatreds.
Ok, lets begin from the day I moved into my new house. In the morning, everything turn out pretty well. It's when we (me and my mum) arrived at the door step of our new house. At first, we had agreed to pay £200 for the company to send someone to drive us and our stuff to london. However, when we arrived at our destination, the driver actually asked for £450, which is like more than double of the price we agreed. So we were argueing for awhile, the driver actaully refused to unload the stuff, and even threaten to drive back to Nottingham, if we don't pay him the full amount. We didn't want any trouble on our first day at the new house, and we were very tired as we travelled quite a long way from Nottingham to london, so we gave in, we called his boss, and he again agreed to take just £400 from us. Then, the mother****ing driver still not happy, he said he must get £450, no more no less. By now, my mum and I are really blowing our top already, and the driver actually intended to drive away with me sitting on the van and the stuff at the back. F*** him to hell man, what on earth was he thinking for driving away with ME on the van, I can easily call the police and say he was trying to kidnapped an underaged girl. My mum called the police, and I, of course, tried to stop the van, who knows whathe might be up to. So i tried to get at the hand brake, but some how i failed, last resource, I jumped over and get the key. So the man and I were like fighting over the keys, and for godness sake, the vehicle was still on the move. I failed to get the key, but I managed to break the keychain. You might be thinking, what's the point of breaking the keychain. Let's me tell you, first, you try to break the keychain on your own, nad see how much effort I put in, secondly, when he realised that I'm not weak, he knows he may not have any chance to win. So he half gave up. My mum, she is not stupid either, she did not just stand there and stoned. She actually fold in his rear mirror. For those who knows how drive should know what it is. So he could'nt see anything behind his vehicle, by now, he gets more panic, so he totally gave in. He was screaming" that was f***ing stupid, you bloody bitches, look what you have done". So i replied him, "f*** it, who cares, by scolding me stupid, you are not any smarter." He took out his phone and called the police. "hello, there are this two girl, refuse to pay me my money, and is attacking me, the address is ....., please get the police here immediately". Aaaarrrhhh!!! Someone screw this fellow, we paid him £400, the cash is still right there in the box beside him, and he dares to tell the police we refused to pay. And look at his size can, he with one hand is at the landlord telling him to shut up and step aside, see how rude this fellow is?!! So we waited for tenough to carry me up, how the F*** can I attack him. What nonsense is this!! Then our nice landlord arrived, he asked what happened, and I just started crying, ladies' weapons, telling the landlord what the man did, without telling him what we did =) . So he walked to the driver from hell, advising him to give up, or he will just end up losing when the police comes. The bloody driver shouted he police to come. In the end, maybe god beat some senses out of this motherf**ker, he unloaded our stuff and leave quietly. In the end, the police never turn up, thanks anyway. I'm thinking, if that day, I was the one calling, and saying that the man actually trying to attack me. Will the police turn up? That's not important anymore, so we happily moved our stuff in, and get ready for new begining.
Who would have guessed, the worst are just about to begin. To be continued...

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