Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm alone at home, with like his parents, and two little bro. (One of them is older than me, mind you)
Whatever you may think, I feel alone when baby isn't with me.
He's off to chalet with his classmates, after some really tough examinations.
He'll be back by tomorrow afternoon. =)
Went for a modelling interview this noon.
I have gotten 3 invitations from various modelling agency so far.
This is the 4th one.
I decided to give it a try.
Though I don't really think I'm the cut for it.
They are sending me to a training course for free, good right?
However, I've to use the kind of cosmetic they required.
Which is like so damn expensive.
I actually signed the training agreement without actually dicssing it first with baby.
I really regretted that decision.
Somehow, I just feel so bad, and really worried that he might be really angry with me.
But thank god he didn't.
So forgiving right?
Loves him.
Anyway, I kinda feel that it was a big mistake to decide to sign up for this course.
As I don't think anyone would want me as their model.
Well, all I can do now is to cross my fingers, and pray hard that I would get back the money that I've invested in.
Anyhow, for the happier phrase of today.
I met with huimin and yilin in the evening.
My interview ended at 2.00pm but I actually loitered around orchard till like 6.00pm+ till the girls came.
I'm lazy to go home, as I've to travel all the way to jurong east and then back.
Can you imagine it?
Not much to mention, except what happened when we were having macdonald at Forum Shopping Mall.
There was this girl sitting right behind huimin.
She moved the chair so back that huimin couldn't move into the seat.
Then huimin was mumbling something, she heard it, and then say something like "don't know how to say excuse me meh?"
And from then on we were having some sort of "fights", just orally.
Ok, to be honest, I was kinda worried, cause after all, it seems to be us who picked the fight.
So I didn't actually help out.
It's not that I chickened out or what.
Just that when I think it's my fault, I won't go on any further.
That's all for today.
Shall upload some fun pictures tomorrow.
Bye. <3

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