Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dual Signs Horse and Aquarius

What characterizes you most is your chivalrous mind. Animated with generous ideas, you behave as a genuine humanitarian and idealist. Enthusiastic, you believe in progress, in the future, in the disappearance of frontiers, in universal brotherhood. Some people would take you for a naive or utopian type, but they should recognize your good heart. You willingly bring help to the weak, the oppressed, the underprivileged, the widow and the orphan.

You like to express your ideas although, quite often, you've the impression of preaching in the desert. Your warm comportment attracts all sympathies to you. One finds you very charming though somewhat disconcerting. Friendships, fortuitous encounters, and happy hazards play a great role in your destiny.

You've an intense interest in the world, ideas, human sciences, all means of communication, and it's in these domains that you can achieve very beautiful successes. But it will always be difficult for you to comply with a rigid discipline or routine. You'll be at the best of your capacities only by moving or traveling. You can become head of a social or spiritual movement.

In love, you tend to live intense passions all the while proving to be disconcerting and impossible to be grasped. In order to be happy, you must enter a union based as much on friendship as on love.

P.S: does it sounds like they are talking about me to you?

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