Wednesday, October 14, 2009


She is the one woman who I hail to. After all the things that she was put through for all her life, all the shit that threw at her, she is going strong and striving hard, she bounce right back even stronger than before. Nothing put this woman down, damn! And of course her love for me, more than what a mother can possibly give her child. She gone through so much for me, sacraficed her youth and happiness. No words is good enough to describe her. Who say super woman doesn't exist.

All my love and respect goes to her, even though she is not around me anymore. Her presents is still so strong in my heart. She is like my idol, she is the woman who trained me into a some what respectable woman that I'm now. There were so many promises I made to her but couldn't carry out. :(

Gosh! It's gonna be four yrs since we got together. Looking back at all the things we had for each other, it all show me how love and being loved felt like. We had our fair share of fights and quarrel too. But we didn't fight against each other, we fought for our future. Whenever I think of him, I could taste the sweetness right from my heart, I never know that it would be possible. He is the only person in the world that is able to make me smile like a silly little girl.

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