Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I've got so many things to blog about. But i'm gonna make it short and simple.

One night, this guy just randomly sms me how I was doing. I didn't recognise his number, so I asked him who he is, and he totally shocked that I forgot about it. So he revealed his name and claimed that we had one night stand before. I was like so stunned. Like WTF. I don't even know you, and I'm not a one night stand kind of girl too. So I told him he got the wrong number. But he doesn't stop there, he go on and claims that he remember very clearly is me. Fine, I asked him how he got my number, he said I gave him at the club that we met. By now, I thought it was a case of prank call or something, as I don't give out my number at clubs. And even if I had one night stand with him, one night stand is an one night stand, why would I bother contacting you anymore, it's an no-string-attached-affair. I go on and ask which club, he say can't remember, I got pretty pissed off, so I still tell him nicely that I'm not the one he's looking for. He still don't wanna give up and say he remember it clearly, and my kissing was great(this is quite true la :p). Like come on la, if we did had sex, I can assure you that it's only my kissing that's great. :p
Then I decided not to waste my time and sms-es on him, and ignored him. He texted me again, "Are you G____?" I censored out cos I don't think it's good to mention names, not that I know her. I replied "Dude, you seriously got the wrong person!!". He still can have the face to ask me who am I. "You don't need to know, but i'm not the G sth that you said, ok!". Finally he gave up.

Ok! This is totally stupid. My neighbour claims that my wet undies (just washed kind of wet) were dripping water on her clothes. Techincally, she always claims that our clothes drip water onto hers. Which is ridiculous! My block got like more than 10 storey, cannot be other house, must be our house, funny right! Then one day she decided to be funny and video down my undies dripping water, after I just washed it. But I put it until so extreme right and away from her clothes, how can it be dripping on hers, plus I don't see water dripping at all lor.
At first, she said that she gonna send it to the authority to complain. Like they care like that, even if they do care, what are they gonna do? Send me a warning for dripping water undies? Ok I shall wait, when I get one, I scan and post it here for ya'll to see.
After a heated arguement wit my bf mum, she claims that she's gonna post it on youtube! Ok, she thinks funny ah! Like who gonna view this kind of video? Some pervert? Old uncle? Unless she name it like it's some porn video or what la, then some stupid people will click on it.
Just to think that some pervert or old uncle jacking off to the video of undies dripping water, not only send chill down my spine, it sends chill everywhere in my body. And my undies look pretty hot ok. I don't like those ah ma underwear!!!

My life is getting so scandalous!!!

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