Monday, October 12, 2009


Recently I realised that I've a few really really good friends.

We know each other from dance in secondary school. And since then we are friends for like as long as it has been, and without ever quarrelling at all. I can't believe it. I've had lots of friends who come and go. But she stay through it all, she can just brighten up my days by some stupid jokes, without having to even ask what's wrong. We might be pissed with each other but seconds later we'll just laugh it off, like from the bottom of our heart. We know each other deepest secrets, and who we really are and still accept each other. Aaaaww. Like where can you friends like us?

I've not seen her in a long while now. But I'll bounce to her side as soon as I finish up all my mess. Missing that bitch lots. She also walk with me through so many ups and downs, and we never had a quarrel for as long as our friendship had been. Although she doesn't provide much solutions, but she is a good listener. She is a friend whos is like a star, she may not be there now but she will be there whenever she can. I hope she feel the same way too. So many stuff to share with her.

Haha.. I'm only writing this cos she might be reading. Haha. Joking joking. She is the ultimate lover that I know of. We don't really meet up or share alot of secrets, but I know that she is a good person, and i love her dogs, and forgive me for alot of stupid things I did, like the hamsters I always ended up living them in her care. Hope she doesn't hate me, I really don't mean to make use of your love for animals, just that I really had no choice. Still owe her shit loads of money. Haiz.

We know each other not too long ago, about a year plus if I'm not wrong. She is not bad, just abit short tempered sometimes, we also never quarrel ( I can't remember). If you need help, she will jsut help all she can without asking. Have not meet her for such a long time now. We both busy with work and study. Glad that she is happily attached after being hurt by such a bastard, and I can proudly say that I'm one of the match maker :)

During my time in London, she is the one who cheers me up during my gloomy days. We supported and sheltered each other as much as we can. As being young girls, alone without family, was really tough. She is literally my sister. I feel so bad leaving her alone in UK. But luckily she found someone to lean on. She will be in taiwan soon. I'll be able to visit her then. We can have our girly talks again.


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