Thursday, March 01, 2007

When out with dear dear after school today. My fever came back and gotten worst. Spoilt my mood lor. Keep throwing my temper at him. My baby, i'm so sorry. We spent almost our evening at the macafe in AMK, cause outside was pouring non-stop, then lazy to go anywhere. Actually, we planned to go watch Norbit. However, i didn't bring my jacket or any clothing that would keep me warm in the cinema, so we ended up not going. In exchange, we had a good chat though. Nothing much though, just a very small chat. I find the time was well spent though. We are always quite busy with our own scheldule that we hardly have the time to chat on MSN or on the phone, so spending time to have such a long chat like this make me feel closer to him. To me, this evening is most comfortable eveing that i have ever had. Enjoy a hot cup of cappuchino with my baby boy, and chatted our heart out. What could have been better. After chatting for a long time. We went to the NTUC near by, the rain finally get smaller. We bought baby bites for our "little daughters". LOL. I find baby bites taste really good and quite addictive. Once i start eating, i really couldn't stop. And i need to go on a diet. I'm putting on some weighs le. Aaarrhhh!!

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