Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I seriously have alot to blog, have not being blogging for like 2 months plus. Let's start off with the trip back to my hometown, vietnam. It had been a very long time since i last gone back there, about 5 years like that. The place really changed alot, the streets, the people I used to know, even the language itself. Everything seems so strange and foreign to be. It's not totally my fault to feel so. 5 years is a really long period of time. I adapt to it pretty quick, though. All thanks to my mum's friends. They welcomed and treated me like their own family member. This make me feel really warm-hearted, all the foreign feelings i felt earlier on just disappeared. I spent 10 days there, a really short period of time, but it brought back so much memories and create many new memories. It gives me a feeling that I'm so loved, I thought I was like a princess back there, loved by everyone.

Below are some pictures that I took. A small share of the memories that I had during my stay. There're some video that i made too, but it won't be upload so soon. I need sometimes to edit them, I currently using my baby boy's laptop, his laptop doen't have window media movie maker, so got to wait till i get back to england. So more waiting... Please be patient.(i'm not sure if there is anyone reading my blog or not. I'll just inform anyone who's reading my blog "regularly")

my cousin's sons, they are so adoreable roght?

Luckily, they adore me too. Love them.

My dad's sister, I'm not staying with her in vietnam, i stayed in the city.

Just payed her a short visit onli.

Soooo cute!!

My best friend in vietnam, this is when i get back to ho chi minh city.
We were at a korean restaurant.

The food is delicious despite its look. Even the utensils are of the standard material.

Then at night we went out with her mum and aunt for buffet. Happy time.

Cheers everyone!

This is what we drank. 1 each.
These are all mine!!

I know!! So fat liao still eat eat eat!

Hmmm... Yummy!!

Joking la... How can i possibly finish all of them!? Will die de lor... All so sweet.

Everyone will have their shares. Be patient.

She's the one who I stayed with throughout my stay.


Do we look like the 3 status above?
We went to the beach, and this is the restaurant we went at the of the trip.
The movie we took from the trip will be uploaded soon.

I love this drink, both the colours and the taste.

This used to be a moutain. They made it into a lovely restaurant.

This is our "night life".

Daddy's liltte girl. He was so busy. Last day then got time to pei me. Sad!
That's all for today. I'll upload more fun pictures and videos soon. Must come back and check out okay?

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