Saturday, July 14, 2007


Went to watch Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix with huimin and kaki today. The show was overall: amazing(as usual). The special effects were famtastic, the story line was stunning. However, i find that this fifth book is so emo(emotional). And most of all, there was a scence Katie Leung and Daneil Radcliffe were kissing. I so envy her, how she so lucky, get kissed by such a famous and hot guy. Bibi, don't get jealous, you are still the only one I want to kiss, I was just a little tiny winy bit envy Katie, that's all, nothing more. In this book, J.K Rowling made rebelling seems really fun. Hate the fat old lady, I forgot her name, don't bother rembering, cause she slapped him. There were a few lines which taught me about the aspects of life which I found useful. For example, no heroes win the battle alone, you will always need friends to help you out. No one is strong when he's alone. So I don't think watching this movie is a waste of time at all. Plus, this movie has the shortest movie's time as compared to its other series so far. The actings were excellent as well. Their actings gives you a feeling like you are part of the movie. You totally don't have the feeling that you are watching a fictional story. It's so real, so alive. It's a total MUST WATCH.

After the movie, huimin and I went window shopping around at Topshop, warehouse and miss self-fridge. Went to topshop for like 3 times on that day. The 1st time was before we went for the movie, we were quite early at 1st, then we were almost late, so late that we had to run. Damn, i kena tricked by huimin and kaki, one say the movie start at 2.45pm, then when we were "shopping" at topshop we realize that it was going to 3. We ran to the cinema with our dear life can. Reached there le, kaki tell me that 2.45 is the time we all supposed to meet up, the movie only start at 3.00pm. Screw huimin!! I supposed to go play pool with Cherie after the movie, but somehow i wasn't feeling well, so i decided to just go for dinner and then go home and rest. Before that, we went to warehouse and dorothy to see some clothings, we find clothes from those shop are so not our age, and the prices are incrediably unaffortable. So we decided to go topshop again, as we find things from there are nearer to our age, the prices are much lower too. After looking for awhile we were bored, so we went to miss self-fridge, we find clothing aren't as nice as topshop ones, so we decided to go back and try on some items, in case there were that suits us and our pockets. In the end, we didn't find anything nice enough to tempt us to try on or buy, plus the queu at the fitting room was damn long. So we went for dinner, at yoshinoya. I think they ran out of rice, then have to call back to Japan and ask the boss to import some over. Why i say so? Cause, we waited for a a good 30 mins before our rice are served. We were so hungry, that huimin intended to snatch the food from the baby sitting diagonally opposite us, for me? I don't snatch from people, I almost eat papers. When the food is finally served, so many people ran to the counter to ask where are their food? Please la, wait can or not, the whole yoshinoya only got you waiting meh? You already waited for so long, wait for a few more mins will die meh? Typical singaporeans.

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