Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I think you guys will think that i'm the most crazy girl on earth. Went to play pool with cherie this afternoon WHILE I"M HAVING FEVER. How insane?! I think the fever had made me done such an insane thing. Anyways, I still won cherie, not really proud of it, cause she lost by carelessness. Some people may say win can already, still ask for so much. NO! I want to win by my own ablity, not on others' mistakes. Crazy? That's just my way of life. Some people always say I play pool very lousy, I hope that particular person knows who I refering to. So I must prove to them I can play pool well. That is just me. HATE TO LOSE.
I have only 5 days left in singapore. SAD. Gonna miss all my friends and BiBi alot. Sobs.

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