Sunday, July 15, 2007

With bibi at jurong library right now. It's pretty warm actually. Library is supposed to be cold or at least at a comfortable temperature. I guess cause there are many people here. There's like no table for us to sit, so ended up sitting on the floor. What were we doing in the library? Well, bibi had got lots of homework to do, me? Slack lor, play with his laptop. There is this fat woman, she talked so loudly, bibi couldn't concentrate, I didn't know anything cause I was listening to music. Bibi is like so pissed off with her. I get abit annoyed too, because of her bibi keep complaining, so I was annoyed. Anyways, after awhile a librarian came and "reminded" her this is a library, not her house. Obviously I didn't heard what the librarian said, but this would be what i'll say to her. She left not long after. I wonder what took the librarians so long to realize someone was talking so loudly and stop them. And where on earth does the fat lady think she's at. Her friend must be deaf or something. I hate people who talk loudly, don't ask me why, it runs in my blood. I'll be meeting my dear CHERIE later. I'm so lazy to go out these days, just wanna stay and sleep. Seriously. I think I need to see a doctor, had been having headace for 3 days already. Arrh!

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