Thursday, October 11, 2007

"你只许疼我一个人,要宠我,不能骗我,答应我的每一件事情都要做到,对我讲 的每一句话都要真心;不许欺负我,骂我,要相信我,别人欺负我你要在第一时间出来帮我 ;我开心呢,你就要陪着我开心,我不开心呢,你就要哄我开心;永远都要觉得我是最漂亮 的,梦里面也要见到我,在你的心里只有我。"
That's all I'm asking for in a husband. Bibi, can you do it? =)
Haha, there is not much I can blog about, there is nothing much happening in my life right now other than busying with my business.
I will try to blog more as soon as possible.

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