Friday, October 05, 2007

I hate you, bibi.
You are there enjoying yourself with your friends.
I'm here suffering.
Suffering from my gastric, suffering from headaces.
You say I never message you, then why didn't you message me?
You know I've been busy going around, looking or a nice place to start off my business. Don't you? =X
You didn't even call me...
I feel more alone than ever...
Not gonna care about you anymore. @#$%^&;*

I've been really busy recently.
I've been hunting every possible corner of busy streets in London, to find a place that is suitable for my little business.
I rushed around every now and then.
Morning rush to school, normally, I don't have to, but because in the afternoon, I would go look for a business area, I've to doll up myself.

First reason for dolling up is, the first impression is very important.
People will have a good impression of you, if you look pleasant, or at least, NEAT.

Secondly, my business is about looking good, so if I don't look good, how can I convince people that I can make them look good.
A very simple principle isn't it?

Thirdly, I personally like to dress up. =)

I find studying business is really very interesting. I would like to recommend all my friends to pick up business courses, if they still have no idea what to do in the future.
Best of all, it doesn't involve too much of mathematics. Just a lot of strategics.
So do consider business and management courses.

My blog is getting a little bit boring.
I'm thinking of trying out some new stuff.
But gotta wait till I settle my business first, alright?

To all of my KCPSS friends, all the best for your exams.
I hope you guys and girls have yet to forget me.
I'm missing you all really alot.
Do take good care of yourself.
Cause I'll be back really soon. (I hope)

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