Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today is a really good day.
It started rather bad though.
On saturday night, I've set my clock back by one hour, I don't know why, but I'll find out soon.
It is like a national thing, everyone in England had to do so.
Ok, and somehow, I set my clock back, even later than the actual lateness.
So I was late for the morning lesson.
So I went to the previous saloon to collect my tools, and brought them to the new one.
I showed Billy (the owner of the new saloon) the price list that I made.
After seeing it, he kept praising orh.
He said he liked my work and my attitude.
He also promised to get me a nail table to work like professional FOR FREE.
And he will get me neo sign FOR FREE as well, and all the other advertising stuff ALL FOR FREE.
Ass la, damn love him can.
Got to sleep now.
Shall continue tomorrow.
I LOVE YOU, all.

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