Sunday, October 07, 2007

Was feeling really tired and down yesterday.
I went for a try out at the saloon I intending to start up my business.
I thought I did really badly, so I was in a really bad mood after that.
Feeling really useless.
On the way home, I went to a cake shop, bought 2 big piece of cake.
After finishing the first big piece, I felt utterly guilty, so sinful, those two pieces were made out of full cream some more.
So I wasted the second piece, and head home, feeling worst.
Experts say that eating sweet stuff would make you feel happier, or at least better.
However, I don't feel happier, at all, it was the other way round @__@
I think I had gained another kg or so, silly me!

Anyway, today I went back to that saloon to get the answer if I can set up my business there.
The owner agreed, and asked me to go back and get everything ready, I can start off anytime I like.
I felt a little better after that, but don't understand whythe feeling of being useless still linger in me.
Really wish I can fly back to Singapore at this instant.
I wanna be with my friends. Only them can bring the happiness I needing most at this moment.
I want my Bibi to give a tight hug, a little kiss, telling me everything will work out well, telling me he will always be there.
Only him can give me the inner secure and peaceful feel that I need.

I feel so alone and tired.

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