Sunday, March 11, 2007

Have not blogging at all lately, because i've been addicted to the taiwan drama series Hana Kimi. Well, i know almost every Chinese know about this drama series, however, there odd to have some who don't know. For those who don't, this movie is based on a japanese manga series of the same tittle. This movie is pretty hilarious, touching, inspiring and filled with cute casts. This movie talks mostly about the love between a high school guy who loves to do some sort of sport(sorry, but i don't know what is that sport called in english), and a (used to be fat) girl who was inspired by him. She flew back to taiwan from the states, just to see him. On top of that, they are in a boy school. She pretended to be a guy and tried to become friend with the guy whom she admired. That from the 1st episode already knew she's a girl le lor but acted blur. Some how their friendship bloomed into love, many things had happened which glued them together. This is a must watch. Not onli the plot was good, the guys are pretty hot too. Man, some of are really cute. If you missed out this drama series, you gonna regret it for life, seriously. Channel U do show this drama series but i'm not quite sure of the timing. You can watch this on youtube as well, just key in Hana Kimi will do.That's all for today, got to go watch Hana Kimi now. Good night.

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