Monday, March 12, 2007

Today went to wild wild wet with dear dear and his brothers. Actually huimin and yilin supposed to come as well lor. Then they two last minutes pangseh me. How sad. There are so many people at wild wild wet today, i think because now is school holiday ba. Lucky we go quite early or else will have to queu very long before it's our turn to play. We started out with the shiok river. It's not a thrill ride, all you have to do was to lie on the float and get carried away by the current of the water. I find it relaxing at first but after awhile, it makes me feel like vomiting and giddy. After 2 rounds in the shiok river, we headed to the samsung ride. That ride is two by two de. I sat facing dear. Bloody hell!! The ride damn scary, i chose the wrong seat, i saw the whole going down, wanted to hold my scream because i know he surely will make fun of me 1 lor. However, i couldn't hold it, and indeed, he made fun of it. Hate him hate him hate him hate him. Big bad egg, smelly egg, rotten egg. Anyways, i onli play 1 ride, tsunami and the shiok river. The rest of the ride i didnot take because my tummy was not doing really well. One of ride, i scared so i didnot go. It's a tube kind of thing, you are to slide down in it, i scare of darkness so i didnot go. Overall, it's quite a fun day la, except for some small minor stupid reason, spoilt my mood a lil. Huimin and yilin, it's such a pity that you girls didnot come along today. Daddy did many stupid things that you will remember for life. Oh my god! I'm so drop dead tired now. Good night people! God bless.

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