Friday, March 16, 2007

Went to kaki's house to play mahjong today. Actually huimin and I are supposed to go to the gym, we were too lazy. So we ended up going to kaki's place to play mahjong with baiyu. Today is the 1st time i won ever since i started learning how to play mahjong. I won like three times in a row, so shiok lor. Haha. We got so addicted to the game that we were almost late for the movie. The four of us went to watch stomp the yard. I personally think that the movie is quite boring. It's a combination of the movie step up and happy feet. No link, right? It actually links. Rating: 2/5. After the movie, we went back to kaki place to play mahjong again. See how much we are adicted to the game. We didnot want to waste any time, we bought instant noodles to kaki's house to eat while playing mahjong. We were so reluctant to stop lor. Looking forward to playing mahjong again.

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