Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Woke up real late this morning, because last night was a busy night. Don't get me wrong, i was busy dancing the night away at St James Power Station last night. The club was so crowded, I didnot have much space to dance, yet my friend managed to dance till we was sweating all over. I saw some of my friends there, one of them was Abigale. I didnot say "hi" cause i was not sure if it was really her. My friend dragged me to dance on the stage,i was totally freaked out. The stage was packed with people, i was so afraid that it may collapse any time. While we were dancing on the stage, i noticed this really cute guy, he was looking at me and smiling. Too bad, i'm already attacthed. So i avoided him and pretended like nothing happened. By the way, my baby boy was not around me at this point of time. It was a really fun night, although it was quite boring at the begining. I was so tired by the end of the day that i fell asleep on the cab.
Then i went to Huimin's house in the afternoon. We watched RV together. The movie isn't as funny as i expected, quite boring. Then we switched to the european gigolo. At 1st huimin say it is nc16. However, after watching for awhile, we realised that it is m18. Shocked the day light out of us. So, we decided to do something else, we took photos(as usual). Huimin is photographer and i'm the model(as usual). Here are some of it.
stars are blind(sry for my ugly face)
i know the pieces fix because i watched them fall apart
you complete my heart
no no no no, don't phunk wit my heart.
thanks to huimin and her eyeliner
i love you baby.
i love myself too.

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