Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yesterday i stayed at the Siloso Beach Resort with my baby boy. It costs him $200+, bloody expensive but it worth it la. There is a jacuzzi, a huge swimming pool, slide(not like those you sees at kids pool, it's made of marble), a waterfall(looks damn real). I'm like damn suay, i couldn't go down to the pool or jacuzzi la, cause i didn't bring enough clothes. What a waste, right? Sad that the room also don't have a bathtub. Well, just my luck ba. We intended to go watch the Song of the sea performance. The tickets is like $6, i know u maybe thinking "$6 onli what". My baby boy already spend more than $200, i don't want him to go bankrupt can? I'm not a blood sucker, ok. So i decided to treat him dinner. We go one round around sentosa lor, to find a freaking retaurant to eat. In the end, we decided to settle with the restaurant near our resort. I ordered pasta, i don't remember the name, it tastes like heaven. It tastes creamy, a liltte salty, i don't really know how to describe it. I just simply love it. He ordered a pizza, which is like so huge. We shared it, yet we were all so full and bloated. The next morning we took our breakfast buffet at the roof top garden of that resort. The view is just so lovely and refreshing. It's really a relaxing experience. By the way, we had our dinner at the sea side, isn't that just so romantic. I've always been wishing for something liddat. Thanks, baby, thanks for fufilling all my wishes. I think i can start calling you my santa claus le.
isn't this just so lovely
the view is really mesmerising
why so bu shuang
he's too tall le la
take two

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