Sunday, September 30, 2007

I hate couples.
I hate seeing them on the street, I hate seeing them on the train, I hate seeing them in the shops.
I just simply hate the sight of them.

Because I'll be so jealous.
They can see each other as and when they like it.

So unfair.

I wanna see my Bibi as well, but all I can do is wait, wait, wait and more waiting.
We are thousand miles apart. Even timing are so different.
What can I do when I miss him, want to see him.


Wait till he finish his work, wait till he save enough to come to england, stay at my side.

When, Bibi?

When can you be at my side forever?
When can you be all mine?
That day will come, right?
It surely will, won't it?
How far is it?

I will continue waiting....
Because that is all I can do....

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