Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alright dancers, I call this professional.

When I first saw her live performance at MTV Music Awards, I thought " what happened to the great britney spears that I used to worship? It looks like she doesn't want to dance at all.

However, after watching this video, just makes me love her more.

I guess, she understands that this is her last chance for redemption, for all that she had done, so she already gave her best.

I hope those who thinks she doesn't deserve a comeback, to think again, and consider her hardwork.

Well, I'm trying to make myself sounds like some kind of missionary angel, but I think such a talent like her should not be brought down by the pressure of media.

People shouldn't just talk about bad things that she had done, or happened to her. They should also think of her talents too, and recognize her works as well.

All the best to you, Britney. (I hope she gets to see this.)

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