Saturday, September 22, 2007

There you go, as promised!!

A tour around my new school.

So sorry there is no talking in that video.

I actually did talked, but I don't know what happened, all the talking are gone after I uploaded it onto my computers.
So I replace it with a song, hope you guys enjoy it anyway.

Let's me guide you guys a little here.

Our school office, princepal desk and staff office are like so patheticly small, as compare to my school office back in Singapore.

We have a sun terrace, we use for little parties in the summer, older students using it for smoking, or just simply hang out, we can't use it these days, too cold to do that.

We also have a student room, where we can make coffee or tea free of charge, cups are provided, but very little in number, we sometimes use that as a studying room as well.

There is a internet room, with computers that is internet accessible, and with printer and a photocopying machine too. Quite well equiped, isn't it?

The class rooms are relatively small, again, as compare to those I have in Singapore, but that's ok. I mean, we have very few students in a class, so it doesn't really matter.

I have to climb so many storeys to reach my class, phew!! But that's ok, just take it as an exercise then.

Ok!! That is basically all about my new school. Oh!! There is no canteen as you may have noticed, along the streets, there are many good restaurants, so we don't really have a canteen.

By the way, I'm recovering from my fever like so fast now, and the time here is 4.00am. I took my medicine and slept quite early, so I woke up early, and feeling totally refresh. Haha! That means I can hit the clubs tonight. =)

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