Monday, September 17, 2007

Sat in the corner, I let the loneliness in me slowly take over piece by piece of me.
I tried to sleep, to forget, to let go, to be strong.
I'm so hurt, every word you said, is like a dagger, and everything you said, keep repeating in my mind.
Stop chasing me into the corner, stop pushing me over the edge, will you?
I cry and cry, hope each and every tears will wash away the pain, the shame I'm feeling.
Because you are my mother, so I can't say it into your face.
I need some respects, just a little also can.
Think of my feelings before you say things, even though it maybe true.
Keep to between us, don't go round spreading it to others.
I smiled, pretending everything is Ok.
But deep down in my heart, it's so painful, I could hardly breathe.
Did I choose to be at your side to deserve this?
Look at me, I'm all tired and wear out.
I'm really tired, tired of proving, tired of explaining, tired of showing.
I don't wanna do anything anymore.
I just wanna cry myself to sleep.
If someone is at her limit, will she sleep forever?
Is dreamland a perfect place where there's no pain, no tears, no worries?
If it is, then I wanna be in it forever.
I wanna go back home, where my love ones are.
But I can't, I don't think I can move forward either.
I'm like swimming in the middle of the sea.
I too far from my destination, too far from land.
I can't go back nor forward, I'm stuck, lost and hopeless.
I don't belong here, and I'm all alone.
I'm breaking down.
It's so cold here, can someone come and take me home?
Anyone? Just somebody, get me out of this mess.

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